Caren De Freitas, author of soon to be published Beneath the Snowflakes says:


 UNDER HIS WINGS speaks to the soul. It is a testimony of how one can triumph over life's difficulties and gain strength.  UNDER HIS WINGS ministers a hope to those who are down and feel that all hope is gone. It is my prayer that those who read this book would find the comfort and strength to make it through whatever situations they're facing. 


Phyllis Bruno-David, worship leader at New Apostolic Worship Center says:


UNDER HIS WINGS is a Holy Ghost inspired book of poetry to lift your spirit while on your everyday walk with God. These poems will allow you to gain strength from Christ, find comfort and courage to go on, grow in wisdom, and in relationship with others.


Penny Lambert says:

Your book shook my core and reinforced my belief in God.  Books of this degree encourage one to pick up the Bible more frequently.That's what it did for me.  it Made me hungry for the Word.

Cheryl Jamieson says:  

Under His Wings has been a blessing in my life.  It helped me to turn my life around.  It taught me how to praise, to forgive and to know what love is.

Judy says:  

Your book was right on time for me.  I am struggling with many disappointments.  your book lifted my spirit and brought me comfort.  I am left with the confidence that The Lord will be my glory and the lifter of my head.

Maxine Cabrall says:

All of the poems were inspiring, motivating, encouraging and a true reminder of just how GREAT our God is.  There is a poem for everyone and every situation.

Claudette Mathis says:

Under His Wings left me with the calming reassurance that no matter what the situation, God has it covered. The poems spoke to my heart and lifted my spirit.



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