The author Dr. Beverley Forbes-Diaby says:

This book is for anyone and everyone who needs to be reminded that God is still able to see us through any difficulty.  It is a "must have" for every believer.

Dr. Peter Bonadie, author of Understanding the Kingdom says:

Dr. Beverley Forbes-Diaby’s great faithfulness to God has earned her the right to produce this book.  The poetic expressions do not just reflect academic excellence, but are the outflow of a life tried in the fires yet one that remains victorious.

With careful rhythm and rhyme,
WINGS woos the soul into a deep experience with God.  The author seeks to share the strength and comfort that she found in God while being processed by Him in a multitude of trying circumstances. The title of the book, UNDER HIS WINGS, defines the place of rest, refreshing and blessed quietness that the author found in her relationship with God.  Dr. Forbes-Diaby is an outstanding believer.  She clearly has a strong devotional life and walks in the spirit of God.  She is indeed a virtuous woman and possesses strong faith in the promises of God.  UNDER HIS WINGS speaks of the internal configuration of the faith and the strength she has found in Christ and His Word.  He is the source of her strength and the words of this book.

The very first statement Dr. Forbes-Diaby makes -“No matter what you are going through, don’t give up” is fitting and loaded with the thoughts and concepts in the book.  At the end she quotes from God’s Word “with long life will I satisfy you and show you my salvation”.  Whether intentional or not, these two statements reflect the message of this book.  Throughout the book the force behind these two concepts will repeatedly inspire the reader. 

 UNDER HIS WINGS will serve as encouragement as well as a source of solace and strength to any reader.  Its content is directed to persons undergoing emotional discomforts and those facing the challenges of life.  UNDER HIS WINGS  will give hope to the hopeless, faith to the faithless, strength to the weak, courage to the discouraged and joy to the unhappy soul. 

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